You love simple life?

You trust people a lot?

You love chocolates?

You're always right

You always do shopping?

You like to play games?

You are a jovial person?

You are lazy

You are a serious person?

You know how to play an instrument

You have any tattoo

You like icecreams?

You like to spend more time alone?

You like to spend more time with friends?

You speak a lot?

You have done prank calls?

You're always late

You love pets?

You regret things done in the past

You know how to dance

You know to handle the situation easily?

You belive in people?

You like to watch movies?

You like coffee?

You'd like to get married in the next 5 years

You want to have children

You sleep a lot?

You sing in the shower

You love luxrious life?

You never forgive the mistakes of others?

You already wrote a love letter

You complain a lot

You like cooking?

You like to read books?

You always like to travel?

You like sports?

You like to spend more time with family?

You use perfume every day.

You have forgiven someone who has hurt you

You like to post more on social media?

You get drunk after 3 drinks